He actually got someone else to do a different thumbnail last minute but I didn’t know and did mine anyway. You probably won’t see this one in action. ;u;

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze for SSoHPKC.  I’m really excited for this game.


Here’s a tutorial I did on the basics behind modeling a reference using Sculptris.  

Bonus: Hue and Rose pop up near the end! :D

Put this over in my art blog too~

New redline tuesday! :D

New thumbnail for SSoHPKC/Seamus!  He looks like a tanooki/tanuki/ :D

Screentones for Parka Patty!

New Redline Tuesday! :D

New SSoHPKC thumbnail! :D

This character is soooo cuuuute *3*

Redline Tuesday Episode 48 Part 1

Batman: Arkham Origins thumbnail for SSoHPKC/Seamus


dat pony

Episode 41!

Redline Tuesday Episode 40!

Me telling me stories and drawing a Pern dragon. :B