Hey guys!   There’s going to be a release party in Oregon for the Unknown Origins & Untimely Ends: A Collection of Unsolved Mysteries comic anthology that I contributed to with my story, ‘The Mysterious Disappearance of Frederick Valentich’.  I consider the story to be a side story to TH since TH exists in the world of Ufology.  Anyhow, I wish I could be there but it’s too far for me.  Please go and show you’re support!

Here is an article from Floating World Comics about the event: 

Unknown Origins & Untimely Ends: A Collection of Unsolved Mysteries, contains thirty-two true stories of strange disappearances, cold case murders, and unexplained phenomena. These stories come from around the world and range from the familiar, such as the grisly unsolved murder of “The Black Dahlia,” to the forgotten, like the mysterious substance that once fell from Washington skies. Check out Hic & Hoc’s first anthology for these tales and many more creepy, baffling, bona fide mysteries.

  • WHO: Emi Gennis, Sam Alden, and more local arists
  • WHAT: Unknown Origins & Untimely Ends book release & signing
  • WHEN: Wednesday, April 24, 5-7pm
  • WHERE: Floating World Comics, 400 NW Couch St.

Bio info:

Portland-based editor Emi Gennis, known for her own macabre historical and true crime comics, has pulled together the work of over thirty talented cartoonists from five countries for this collection. The book includes work by the following artists: Aaron Whitaker, Andy Glass, Bobby Mono, Box Brown, Danielle Chenette, Duncan, Doug Slack, Emy Bitner, Evan A, Graham Kahler, J. T. Yost, Jackie Roche, Jason Bradshaw, Jenn Woodall, Julia Gfrörer, Lizz Lunney, Melinda Tracey Boyce, Mike Roy, Nate McDonough, NickSouček, Nikki DeSautelle, Noah Van Sciver, Owen Heitmann, Phillip Sevy, Simon Moreton, Sabin Calvert, Sam Alden, Sam Spina, Sarah Benkin, Steve Seck, Tod Parkhill, and William Cardini.

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